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Which Baby-Sitters Club character are you?

November 22, 2014

This is a very important quiz. If you’re roughly the same age as me you grew up reading The Baby-Sitters Club books, admiring them as they spent multiple Christmases, Summers and Halloweens all being 13. You marvelled at how they managed to get so much done in a single year – they moved houses, cities and states even (constantly), they watched their parents break up and remarry almost immediately, they did school assignments, coached softball teams, admired boys, baked cakes, solved mysteries and not once did any of their babysitting adventures result in the death of a child due to gross negligence. This is amazing, and probably due to Mary Anne’s stellar organisational skills. You can tell she’s organised because her hand writing is neat. It’s a clear giveaway.

So now you get to discover how much this adolescent reading shaped you as an adult, with my fun new quiz ‘Which Baby-Sitters Club character are you?‘.

It focuses on the 5 main characters, because I don’t have time for Junior Officers or late comers! Bah!


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