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The 5 biggest misconceptions about bloggers

January 27, 2015

There’s a lot of blogger-hate in the world. Mainly from people who don’t read blogs and wouldn’t have the first clue what they’re on about, so it’s probably pointless writing a blog about it and hoping to see some change in the world, but tough. I don’t blog for the people who hate blogging. I blog for me. And today I’m blogging about the biggest misconceptions the general public has about bloggers.

1. Bloggers are self absorbed
Wandering around with their heads up their own arses thinking the world revolves around them because they’re on the internet and a small group of like minded morons follows them on Twitter and double taps on all their selfies on Instagram. That’s what they think. Well, actually, you won’t get very far in blogging if it’s all about you.

You need to play nice in social situations. You need to get on with your fellow bloggers and be part of the community. You need to comment on other blogs in a meaningful way that shows you actually read and enjoyed the blog. Not just begging for follows on Bloglovin’. You need to generate content that people who don’t know you or care about you might actually like to read. If you can’t do those things you probably won’t do well as a blogger.


2. Bloggers needs to get away from their computers, get out and get some fresh air
Seriously. Live your life while you’re young and get off the internet for a while, they say. Well, they obviously don’t know much about blogging. You don’t generate much content by sitting in your house for hours on end photographing your feet. The best blogs are written by those who get out and experience everything. Depending on their blog genre, they go to the cool places on holiday, they eat at fun restaurants, they play around with clothes and makeup and hairstyles and they do fun things that they think their readers might like to do.

Chances are they’re “living life to the fullest” (whatever that means) far more than the average person on the street because they consciously make a choice to do as much as they can so they can make their blog as good as possible. Actually, doing all this fun stuff is a good part of the reason why so many people blog.


3. They live their lives through a lens and don’t appreciate the moment
Even when they get all this free stuff, and go to all these cool events, bloggers don’t appreciate it. Look at them all, sitting there staring intently at their iPhones and their DSLRs and making sure their prawns are in focus. They’re not enjoying the food. They’re not having a good time. They’re just viewing it all through a filter. That’s what they think.

Well, actually, if you’re a blogger you need to be paying a lot of attention. You need to have stuff to write about when the time comes, not just have photos of the event. You need to soak up the atmosphere. You need to remember which course had a ginger-y aftertaste. You need to take notes, request lists of ingredients, and identify the point of difference that this experience offers. No one is ‘living’ through a lens. They’re just making sure everything is pretty.


4. Bloggers are flaky and they just do it for the freebies
Shallow. Grabbing at all the freebies they can get and then writing platitudes so that the freebies keep coming. Can’t trust those bloggers.

Well, the best blogs have a variety of balanced opinions about the things they do and the places they visit. Some people may only write nice things about everything and accept every invitation they receive, but that gets boring quickly. Not just for the readers, either. Once the thrill of the freebie wears off you realise that you kinda owe someone something, it becomes less fun for the blogger. Going out to a bloggers’ event isn’t exactly like going out with your friends for a fun night out. You don’t get to choose the people you dine with (though they are usually all lovely), they’re often on weird days, and you’re expected to take nice photos and then write a nice article about the whole thing. You don’t get paid for any of it unless you’re a big shot professional.

Basically, you quickly learn to only accept invites to the places you want to go to, that mesh well with your blog. You learn that writing about stuff you care about is why you started blogging in the first place. Spending hours of your life promoting stuff you don’t like for no money is no one’s idea of fun, so it doesn’t happen too much and it’s obvious when it does.


5. Bloggers need to get a proper job and learn the meaning of hard work
Again, only a non-blogger could think this. Most bloggers have ‘proper’ jobs and work 40 hour weeks in addition to their blog. Even those that have a family fortune / partner who financially supports them / unicorn who shits gold in the backyard have to work their tail feathers off. Your blog won’t earn you any money until you’ve got a big audience. You only get a big audience by producing a steady stream of consistently excellent content over a prolonged period of time.

You need to learn about photography, writing, and timetabling. You need to spend hours putting these skills into practice. If you want to be a successful blogger, you will learn all about hard work. Freebies or not. You will become intimately acquainted with it and with its little sisters ‘dedication’ and ‘consistency’. That’s all there is to it.

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