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Ten happy things #4

May 21, 2016

Happy things

I have a lot of things I want to say a little bit about, mainly because they make me happy. So, in the absence of a happiness link up, I’m just gonna do a “ten happy things post” and get you all up to date on what’s been going down Mayfairy-wise.

1 – I finally got the Adobe Creative Cloud at home. Obviously I already use it at work, but I hadn’t updated at home until the other day when Adobe sent me the 40% off email and I did a little booty shaking while I downloaded all the pretty programmes.

2 – Back in February I entered a Mother’s Day competition via email and won a 50ml Flower Bomb eau de parfum. It finally arrived a week or so ago and I smell fantastic.

3 – I had work stuff to do, but I was invited to the Ted Todd press day at the Haymarket Hotel and I knew my husband was in the area so sent him instead. He had a fabulous time, munching mini burgers, learning about hard wood floors and deciding he liked the Charlotte flooring better than the new Antique Chateau Oak Dark one even though that’s also pretty fabulous. Check them out if you need hard wood floors (you definitely do).

4 – I started an Etsy store with my husband creature. It needs work, I haven’t really publicised it, but it’s here.

5 – My favourite Chinese food place in Greenwich is moving to some place that isn’t Greenwich.  Because, property developers. This is not a happy thing, but it does give me an excuse to stock up on as much Chinese food as I could possibly store and eat before they leave. Stockpiling Chinese food is definitely a happy thing.

6 – I’ve got wedding invitations flooding my mail box. Now, I just need to sit down and sort my life out and try to figure out travel plans.

7 – Seasons are changing and I need new shoes. My winter shoes are all falling apart. My summer shoes from last year are looking pretty sad. So I get to go SHOE SHOPPING. This isn’t just a happy thing, it’s a JOY thing.

8 – I’ve actually started uploading stuff to my YouTube channel. I’ve been trying to become better at video editing, and while I still have a very long way to go at least I’ve made a start. More editing awaits this weekend!

9 – Finally got rid of my period. You would think you’d get used to them as you age. That by this time, when I’ve had a period for more than half my life, there would be less unexpected shit happening. No. This month I had one of those days where I just could not fucking deal with impaling myself on a dry wad of cotton first thing in the morning once again. So I wore a pad. When I was done with the pad I went back to tampons, but some of the sticky residue from the pad stayed in my knickers. Cue, next toilet break when pulling down my knickers was basically akin to waxing my labia. Ok, it wasn’t that bad, but it was definitely a surprise. Let’s just say I’m fucking thrilled that’s done and dusted.

10 – I’m on Snapchat! I don’t snap much because my phone is so old it really can’t handle the ten-second-ness of it all but I love watching everyone else be fabulous, so please leave me your usernames and I’ll add you! I’m “themayfairy”. Because obviously.

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