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July 2, 2015

Sometimes I lock myself out of my hotel room and just happily sit on the floor until someone else solves the problem for me…

This month’s Travel Link Up is “Travel Personalities”. This is where we all do the big confessions about what terrible people we are to travel with. Or what wonderful people we are to travel with. Or we get someone who’s travelled with us to do a guest post and tell the world how frigging weird we are. I haven’t done any of those things (hey, last minute, how you doing?!) I’m just vaguely going to meander my way through the topic. Which may be a metaphorical way of describing my travel style. Who knows? I don’t, I haven’t written it yet!

I’m the kind of person who likes to think long and hard before taking any kind of impulsive action. Spontaneity requires a license, a permit and a signed note from my mum. Just ask my husband; as a rather happy-go-lucky come-what-may chap himself, it’s the thing he hates most about me. (A rather competitive list of traits on that list, I fear).

Where as most people would just say “I want to go to Venice” and book a trip to Venice, I need to mull it over for a few weeks. Deals don’t really hang around for a few weeks, so I miss them. I need to work out how much it will cost, how much money we have, what’s likely to come into the account in the next few weeks and what we’d have lying around in the emergency “Oh-god-what-if-the-flat-above-me-is-cooking-meth-and-explodes-all-over-my-shit” fund if we did take the trip.

As we live in London, more and more rarely is there ever anything left over in the upstairs-neighbour-questionable-meth-related-decisions fund, so I don’t feel that it’s prudent to travel as much as I’d like.

I am far more likely to travel if I have a time sensitive reason to do so. Ie, if you are getting married I will travel to your wedding. I will book the hotel and the transport and do it (having researched it all months ahead of time and hopefully gotten a killer train fare). I am less likely to go through with all this palaver if it’s just for my own entertainment and edification. Coz what about the meth, guys?! It could happen!

I’m not this anal once I’ve submerged myself in the waters of you’ve-got-a-plane-ticket-no-refunds-bitch. Once I’m committed I will happily let it all hang out a little more and I won’t bother planning every minute of a trip. Realistically I will have a list of things (mainly museums and tourist haunts, don’t judge me) that I’ll want to see, but sod anticipating every meal and restaurant.

For some reason I adore spontaneity when it comes to food. Sometimes you are wandering around a foreign locale and decide to risk it with some street food. Sometimes you see a nice little place tucked away in a side street and your husband gets talking to the waiter (even though they don’t speak the same language) so you’re destined to dine there. Occasionally the meal is awful and the service is lousy and you have a great story to tell. Occasionally everything is phenomenal. As long as we avoid the mediocre I’m convinced we’re having a great holiday.

Spot me in line to explore the Vatican!

Spot me in line to explore the Vatican! I don’t know why I wore cream trousers either…


Need an example? The very first time I visited Rome, we knew we wanted to see the Colosseum, the Trevi Fountain and the Sistine Chapel. We also fancied a wander through St Peter’s Basilica. The most important thing was the Sistine. We knew it was the day the Pope would be hanging out his window yapping to the tourists (research!), so we planned to get in line bright and early, and maybe get a quieter look at the chapel than usual. This worked a treat.

While we looked at Michelangelo’s handy work in relative quiet, the masses (see what I did there) hung around outside in the heat Pope gazing. We’d started queuing at 6am, but it was a straightforward process. After this it was a bit more of a tourist crush when ambling through St Peter’s, but that was fine, the Sistine was more important. Then we played it by ear and had a casual day exploring the city, ticking off the rest of our list and slopping chocolate gelato all down the front of my cream trousers. Being a big mess is also a huge part of my general character.

How would I define my travel personality? I plan ahead enough to have a vague idea of what I want to do each day, but am free enough to wing it for the most part which usually makes for more memorable experiences. This means sometimes making grave errors (hello multiple photographs of me in cream trousers) but the consequences are generally part of the big gelato related incident that is my life.

Travel with me, babes. I’m fun. And I’m good at avoiding too much queuing.

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