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My travel contrasts #travellinkup

August 2, 2015
Travel Contrasts. Like the contrast between regular grubby concrete and the concrete every Marilyn Monroe fan for the last 50 years has laid their filthy paws on.

Travel Contrasts. Like the contrast between regular grubby concrete and the concrete every Marilyn Monroe fan for the last 50 years has laid their filthy paws on.

This month’s travel link up blog is supposed to be about the contrasts we experience while travelling. Well, I’ve decided my post will be about my own personality contrasts while travelling. I’ve previously discussed My Travel Personality, and made you all believe I’m relatively normal on holiday, but today I’m going to undo all of that good work and reveal the differences between holiday Frankie and all everyday Frankie.

If you have to wait for breakfast you may as well photograph your coffee

If you have to wait for breakfast you may as well photograph your coffee. Or your husband.


Everyday Frankie: I never eat breakfast. I don’t have time, I can’t be bothered to make time and I’m never really that interested in food that early in the morning. On the rare occasions that I’ve tried, thinking it would be good for me or something silly like that, it doesn’t work out. It just awakens my hunger, so I get to 10am and I’m ravenous and then I keep eating EVERYTHING throughout the day. If don’t eat breakfast I’m fine until around 12 when I have lunch and then dinner later on with light snacking at moments when I need to alleviate boredom. Much better on my waistline.

Holiday Frankie: On holiday it’s a completely different story. If I’m at a hotel that has included a breakfast buffet I must get my money’s worth. I’ll start with a mound of bacon, sausages and toast, before moving to a breakfast dessert of crepes smothered with fruit salad and chocolate sauce. Then I’ll swipe as many croissants, pain au chocolat and Danishes that fit in my pockets and handbag to munch on as I go about my day. If I’m not at a hotel with a built in breakfast I will happily find a little café and brunch. Yes, I’m the only New Zealander that doesn’t brunch in her everyday life. Bite me.


Free Alcohol

Everyday Frankie: Ever been to a blogging event with me? You may have noticed that while I enjoy a tipple often, I enjoy it even more if it’s free. I may even overdo it on occasion. *Shame Face*

Holiday Frankie: One would think that I’d be quite the drinker on a plane, especially if the alcohol isn’t costing me any extra. No. I never drink on planes, ever. No matter how much time I have to kill. Drinking makes me need to pee. A lot. Drinking makes me dehydrated. A lot. Drinking too much (a lot) makes me ill and hungover. All shizz I do not need to be dealing with while on a plane or heading through immigration. Just no.



Everyday Frankie: I don’t really watch a lot of television, I just tend to have it on in the background while I work. My husband watches sport, I blog. I’ll put on Netflix and browse Buzzfeed at the same time. But I don’t ever give my full attention to the television set unless something immense is happening.

Holiday Frankie: If I’ve had a huge day exploring from the early hours of the morning I’m usually quite content in the evening to snuggle up in bed in the hotel room in front of the TV, with a variety of snacks spread around the duvet for good measure. Ski jumping championships in German? Riveting. Lord of the Rings marathon in French? Can’t turn away. Seriously, that was homoerotic gold. “Bonjour Monsieur Frodo, j’adore ta bague” *Stares deeply into his eyes*



Everyday Frankie: Not interested, not watching it, not paying any attention. I’m always so annoyed when I click on a trending topic on Twitter that I don’t understand and it’s about a bloody football player. I don’t accompany my husband to cricket/rugby/football games, I didn’t even care about going to the Olympics. Just. Not. Interested.

Holiday Frankie: We’re in Paris the same time that Roland Garros is on and Mark wants to go? Well, buy me a ticket. Mark wants to see the football stadium in Rio de Janeiro? Sure, we’ll swing by together. Hurling championship messing with my journey across Ireland to return a rental car? No problem, I’ll sit and watch the game and learn all the rules. For some reason I have an increased sense of tolerance when it comes to throwing balls around on vacation.

Paris Photography


Everyday Frankie: My husband takes photographs ALL THE TIME. He’s always stopping to take a photo of a funny sign, a bit of street art, a person doing something oddly hilarious in the gutter. He’s a nightmare to walk around the city with when you just want to get from point A to point B. One time I was really unwell and just needed to get home as quickly as possibly without dying or power vomiting on the train. Still though, he needed to make frequent photography stops to catch the pretty sunbeams bouncing off the pub signs and what not. Ugh. In short, I will happily miss many a great photography opportunity because I’m always running late. It’s just the way things are.

Holiday Frankie: Oooh, is that an alleyway? I need a photo with that. Photograph me with that canal! Ooh, did you see the top of that building? We need to remember that brick work with 17 great shots. Yep, let’s eat lunch now even though it’s a little early and we’re not that hungry, because the light is too harsh and bad for photography. In an hour it will probably be better. Of course I have 15GB of hard drive space to store all this video stuff, why wouldn’t I?

Yeah. I’m quite a different beast when I’m on holiday. I’m not sure which one is better, to be honest!

PS – please join the travel link up by writing your own travel contrasty blog and dumping it on Emma, Kelly, Rebecca or Zoe‘s linky page. Because we all bloody love you and want to hear your thoughts.

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