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My favourite travel photos

January 19, 2015

Now it’s time for a blog about travel photos. I have shamelessly stolen this idea from the wonderful Danielle at DeelightfulDoings, but apparently she appropriated it from someone else and so on and so forth. If you are in fact the originator of the idea for this theme of blogs, please do feel free to send your glorious rainbow unicorn my way to drop off the message and I’ll be sure to give you all the linkbacks and glory you truly deserve. Remember, no rainbow unicorn knocking at my door, no links.

Pano Travels

Basically, this is just a small selection of a few of my favourite travel photos from over the course of my lifetime. Mainly because I don’t have access to all the wonderful travel photos I’ve taken over the course of previous lifetimes.

Lately I’ve been getting the travel itch again. The last couple of years have been very difficult, travel wise, because my husband has been sorting permanent residency and citizenship. For his Indefinite Leave to Remain we didn’t have access to our passports for around 6 months, and even if you manage to avoid that they do take rather large chunk of change from your bank account, which would ordinarily be used as your travel fund.

So please bear with me while I relive the magnificence of yesteryear, and revel in the fact that I was once a proper travel bunny.

1. Giza, Egypt
Let’s start in Giza, Egypt. We had a guide named Mohammed to show us around the pyramids, where there are guys with camels all over the place asking tourists for money in exchange for a photo. My husband was keen. Our guide haggled a price for us in Arabic. They dressed Mark up and stuck us on a camel. Here’s one of our ‘tourist’ photos:

Egypt, mark frankie camel1

And here’s a photo that better describes the reality of the situation:

Egypt, mark frankie camel2

These photos were taken by the lovely Mohammed. Apparently it’s common for these camel guys to wait until you’re up on the camel and then demand more money to come down again. It’s a long way down when you’re up on a camel. I think this may have happened to us if Mohammed hadn’t been there to argue in our corner – they had words while Mohammed snapped away with our camera. Mohammed also had a brilliant story about a camel who one day just ran off into the desert with terrified tourists still on top.

Also, yes, this camel is called Michael Jordan. Don’t ask me, I don’t know.

2. Berlin, Germany

Berlin Wall Mark Berlin Wall Frankie

Mark and I spent a rainy Bank Holiday August weekend in Berlin one year. We walked along the route where the Berlin Wall had once stood, and were amazed at how it seemed to veer all over the place. One section of the wall still stands with beautiful, brightly covered murals all over it. Here’s me enjoying the socialist fraternal kiss, and Mark looking like a cartoonist leaning against a wall.

3. New York, USA

New York, Empire State pigeon

This photo was taken on the viewing platform on top of the Empire State Building in New York. We poked the camera through the railings to take a pic of this wee guy. He had flown up 102 floors to greet us at the top and was kind enough to pose for us. If I’d had bread or something I would have tipped him, because that’s the way it’s done in New York.

4. Paris, France

Claire in Paris

A few years ago I went on holiday to Paris with my friend Claire. We had studied French together in high school, so it was quite an exciting experience. I took these pics of her dotted around famous landmarks and realised just how much of a magical supermodel unicorn with a master’s degree in stunning she actually is. Seriously, I would never buy a shirt from the tourist booths on the roadsides because I always thought it was one of those things that should never be done. But Claire calmly punched those ridiculous ‘fashion rules’ in the face, bought the shirt, wore it and proceeded to strut down the Rue de Fantastique looking like a goddamn glamazon and just killing it with every shimmy, sashay and wiggle. Tourist chic has never looked so good.

5. Los Angeles, USA

L.A. Marilyn Frankie handprints

This one was taken in Hollywood, with the famous cement hand imprints of Miss Marilyn Monroe. You can see in the photo just how dirty her prints are now, because everyone must touch them with their filthy mitts.

I was only in LA for a day when this was taken, stopping over on my way back to New Zealand. I just wanted to do touristy things. I have a soft spot for touristy things – I even sometimes do them in London. I also have a pic with Woody Woodpecker’s star. Only the best!

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