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December 31, 2014

Ok, time for yet another end of year post. The ultimate end of year post, if you will. Seeing as it’s December 31st and all.

Well, this was my first year blogging and I met some wonderful, wonderful people. I wanted to use my last post of 2014 to shout out to these awesome people and document in writing how wonderful they are. So I decided to make a calendar of bloggers.

As I know more than 12 amazing bloggers I had to figure out a way to whittle down the number. My first rule was that I had to have met these people in the flesh. No one I know just from Internet Street. Sorry people I haven’t met – I know we’ve chatted, we’ve seen photos of each other and hell, I probably even met other bloggers who have met you, but unless I’ve seen you in the flesh I just can’t knock the feeling that you might actually be this guy playing a practical joke on me. No way to be sure.

This still left more than 12 people. I’ve run out of time to ponder that predicament, so I might just have to say sorry, I hope to be blogging for many more years and hopefully I can get the rest of ya then. Or maybe I’ll wake up in July and decide to scream your praises from the rooftops. Who frigging knows, I’m mad as a brush.

Anyway, let’s get down to business. These folks do not get enough traffic, and I hope 2015 rectifies that. I mean, I have no idea how much traffic these people get, probably quite a lot. Definitely more than me. But I know it’s not enough because every time I’ve met them they’ve been powered by their own steam and not carried around on sedan chairs being fed grapes by adoring followers. This is wrong. Fix it now, computerland!


Miss January: Mina from www.kingsroadrocks.com
One of the first bloggers I met at an event aaaages ago. I was nobody. I was not the person worth networking with, yet the lovely Mina still chatted to me for faaaaaar too long. Because I’m clingy. What did I do then? I paid her back by completely forgetting her first name and referring to her as “the girl from Kings Road Rocks”. I’m an asshole. Still stalked her blog all year though. Mina drinks a lot of cocktails and that’s definitely worth reading about.


Miss February: Manasi from inher30s.com
Another blogger (and fellow Kiwi type being) who was inexplicably nice to me back when I thought that bloggers where mystical beings who would only deign to talk to me once I had 150,000 clicks and were worth their time. She goes to every restaurant and has the most interesting blog. You know that new place that you were thinking of going to that has the good buzz? Manasi’s already been there.


Miss March: Federica from thedailyout.com
Federica has one of those amazing lives that you just wanna sit back and gawk at. I mean, you would normally be hopping mad with jealous rage but she’s just too damned nice and then you have long drawn out Twitter conversation about cake and life is creamy again. Seriously. Tweet this girl about food. So much fun awaits you.


Miss April: Alexandra from where2dowhat.com
The most important thing you can know about Alexandra: she is a better version of Bloody Mary. You know that childhood thing where you chant “Bloody Mary” in front of a mirror and a terrifying ghost appears and kills you? Well, this year I discovered that if I tweeted Alexandra complimentary things about her delicious cheesecake making skills then a mystical messenger would turn up at my place of work WITH COMPLIMENTARY CHEESECAKE! Seriously, if the occult started used Alexandra’s cakey techniques they’d garner a whole lot more followers.


Miss May: Sophie from sophielovesfood.com
She cooks, she bakes, she creates her own recipes. I defy you to spend more than 12 minutes reading her fabulous blog without begging Sophie to adopt you. Just don’t ask her age – she’s young enough to make you want to fold yourself into the linen cupboard origami styles screaming “What have I done with my life?!”


Miss June: Flick from theycalleditthediamondblog.blogspot.co.uk
Another blogger who is annoyingly young and stupidly talented. Everything on her blog is both delicious and beautiful (unless it’s a review of something not delicious or beautiful, but that’s all part of the fun). Frankly, food blogging needs more Davie Bowie inspiration and Flick’s here to rectify that.


Miss July: Reema from hungryaphrodite.com
Reema’s little space on the internet is a nice little mixture of travel, reviews and foooooooooooooooood! She’s also so much fun to dine with, as I discovered when I met her at a Zomato event way back when. This sense of fun definitely translates into her online meanderings.


Miss August: Lucy from foodgoblin.com
Another fun blogger, sure to add a spark to any dinner party. She has hilarious stories. I would tell you some, but they’re not my stories to tell. You’re just going to have to follow her around adoringly until she takes pity on you and tells you something giggle worthy. Or you could read her blog. She takes brilliant pie pics.


Miss September: Amanda at rhymeandribbons.com
Amanda has the blog that you wish your blog was, but you’re not Amanda so you can’t have that blog, you can just sit back and marvel. She’s NICE. Her photos are GORGEOUS. She sometimes blogs about CASTLES (squeal). Yes, she had over 100,000 page views this year, but she’s not yet at the stage where she gets to be carried around on a sedan chair eating grapes. More people need to read this blog!


Miss October: Katherine from ladylovescake.com
The blog is called Lady Loves Cake and seriously, she’s not lying – cake is a huge part of this online experience and we all should be reading. It’s such a cosy blog; it makes you feel like part of her inner sanctum of friends. I’ve only met her once but I definitely feel like I’m down with da Kat because she’s got that friendly Kiwi vibe just erupting from her every pore.


Miss November: Leyla from thecutlerychronicles.com
Miss November is currently traveling the world so her blog is only going to become more fabulous and more envy inducing as the days go on. London foodie events are going to be the worse for it though, as she’s always the ringleader of the Bad Decisions Circus (also known as the Good Times Gala) convincing every one to stay later, party harder, just another bottle of wine, let’s have shisha… Pretty photos, pretty writing, and she knows what she’s on about. We miss you, Leyla!


Miss December: Selena from selenatheplaces.com
Another comforting blog that you can just get lost in, and before you know it you’ve spent two hours rampaging through posts from 2012. Selena’s blog has such a sociable, welcoming voice, more like a friend is filling you in on her latest hijinks over coffee rather than a blogger writing about blogger events. She’s also one of the sweetest people you’ll ever eat ribs with.


Hope you guys enjoyed my calendar, and check out those blogs if you haven’t already. This may or may not have been an excuse to play around with some illustration ideas… thank you all for being my guinea pigs, and thank you all for being kind to me this year!

I’m sorry to all the cool people who weren’t included, but you may pass your complaints on to Julius Caesar’s astronomers who decided upon this whole 12 month deal.

Happy New Year, everyone!





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