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February 2, 2016


My husband, Mark, always says that love is a four letter word. It is. I would explain more about why, but this isn’t the place. I’ve been thinking about this love blog that the Travel Link Up has dictated that I write – so many ways the river turns. I thought about writing something gushy, something dramatic, something frilly, but it didn’t sit right. If I’m going to write something emotional, from the heart, I’ll do it on a day that it comes naturally. I don’t fancy forcing things for the sake of  link up.

Right now a barrage of life admin is not so much resting on my shoulders as tugging on my ears like that time Phoebe made Monica and Rachel her prison bitches. So I took the day off blogging yesterday to sort a few things. Today I want to get something out, but I want it to be about the lighter side of love. (Surely this love thing is supposed to be a positive, right?)

Sometimes we travel out of love. We take trips we never would undertake otherwise because of love. To see people we love, to see places that shaped the people we love and to keep on the good sides of yet still more people we love. So here are three places I only ever travelled to out of love, but they actually turned out all right in the end.


1. The Isle Of Wight
Why: My grandfather grew up there, and my father visited often as a boy as his grandmother still lived there
Result: The Isle of Wight is probably one of those places I’d never even have heard of if my grandfather hadn’t grown up there. I definitely don’t think I would have spent an entire Easter break there, but I’m glad I did. Sunshine, castles, donkeys, sailing, beaches, thatched roofs, everything I love about England concentrated on one idyllic isle. I took photos and sent them to my father, including a video of a donkey bringing water up from a well. He bitched about how long it took to down load the video on dial up. That’s family for you, huh?



2. Southampton
Why: My father grew up there, and it’s a convenient place to catch the ferry to the Isle of Wight.
Result: Not exactly known as a tourist destination, it still has plenty of historical significance with the city walls and various monuments. I visited the house my father grew up in a photographed the neighbourhood, which he didn’t recognise at all. Then I ate at TGI Fridays because I wasn’t a blogger then and didn’t realise you’d all be judging me.



3. Roland Garros
Why: My husband is a freak for that tennis stuff
Result: I’ve visited Paris many times and so has Mark. He’d even been to Roland Garros in a previous year with a friend. But we had a trip booked and saw there were cheap day passes for the grounds during the French Open, so we nabbed a couple. Yes, two. The things I do in order to spend a day with the husband creature. I may have spent some time quietly reading in the sun while he figured out the perfect angle to photograph clay… This really annoyed some French people. I have a talent for annoying people just by sitting around, minding my own business. I don’t know what it is.

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