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Have Better Conversations #7

February 3, 2017

I’m renewing my commitment to do more of these ‘link’ posts. Here are five things that interested me enough in the last wee while to spark interesting conversations. Pieces of news, interesting websites, funny podcasts, whatever it was that made my conversations better, I’m linking it here so that your conversations can be better as well. Down with dull small talk. More weirdo chatter, please.

1 – The Baby-sitters’ Club Club
I love this podcast, in fact I listened to it on the plane ride to New Zealand. That’s always risky, as you end up dreaming about the people in the podcast whose voices are being constantly fed into your ears when you inevitably fall asleep. Then you forget about it until you listen to the podcast again and you’re irrationally angry at the host for hiding your slippers in the anti-gravity room and telling the aardvark about it when you specifically told him not to. Well, that didn’t happen.

Instead I’ve been contacting everyone I knew when I was 12 to talk about all our old Baby-Sitters’ Club theories. Also, it’s so nice to get into a podcast before it becomes so huge that they have to tell me about Squarespace every 30 seconds. Yes, I know podcasters have to make a living too, but Jesus Christ on a Dreamliner I’m not made of websites please leave me alone.


2 – Plodding through the Presidents  – Donald Trump is all the Worst Parts of Thomas Jefferson
I’ve fangirled about this blog before, but this post is really good. Just read it. I can’t do it justice with my ramblings.


3 – Your new fave album
I have a little list of weird shit I find on Amazon. I’m not exactly sure what I’m going to do with it, but it’s there just in case. Anyway, this one was just too weird, even for my list, so I’m sending it to everyone. To the point where some of my closest friends are now refusing to have conversations with me. Listen to the track samples. I swear, this raises more questions than it answers. How did this happen? Why did this happen? Is this a joke? Who is in on the joke? Did I miss a major cultural phenomenon while riding the tube one day? Help.


4 – Boyfriend rental available
My friend sent me this Facebook post, where an Instagram model jokingly advertises himself as available for “boyfriend rental” over Chinese New Year. Among his main selling points, he lists “visible abs”. This led to conversations about what you’d want in a boyfriend rental. Visible abs is such a rookie mistake for young girls. Fuck that. This is just a rental for a weekend. If I’m renting someone for a weekend they best be good at bringing me food and doing my laundry. That’s what’s important to my 31 year old arse in the weekends these days, new years or no new years.


5 – Gilmore Girls Boys Suck
Back when Gilmore Girls released four new episodes on Netflix I made a note to blog about it because I had SO MANY THINGS TO SAY. Well, it’s now more than 2 months later and I haven’t done shit. I’ve been busy. I’ve had laundry and food to deal with, ok?! Anyway, in lieu of that (for the time being at least) here is a hilarious Buzzfeed article about Rory’s boyfriends. Feel free to lol loudly until the jiggling gets uncomfortable.

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