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Have better conversations – #3

April 3, 2016

Have Better Conversations

Yup, I’m for real making this a continuing series. We’re up to post number three and everything. It’s that post with a selection of five things I’ve found to be interesting over the last wee while. Interesting enough to spark good conversations between me and the people I’m forced to interact with each week. Really, it saves you having to tell your co-workers what you really got up to this weekend. Remember, they’re not necessarily new stories, just interesting stories.

1 – I’ve really gotten in to listening to the Call Your Girlfriend podcast on the train to work most mornings. Two long distance besties catching up with a lot of period chat. It’s fabulous, you basically listen to it and get onto What’s App straight after it finishes to tell all your girls the menstrual thing you just learned. And as always, the best thing about getting into a podcast waaaaay after everyone else is that it means you have a big stockpile of episodes to wade through. Yay!

2 – There are a whole shit tonne of abandoned castles in Europe and for some ridiculous reason I’m not living in one. But you can totally watch this YouTube video I found and dream with me.

3 – You know how sometimes you’re at work, but you really just wanna watch some porn and you can’t? Ok, me neither, but that doesn’t make this Safe-For-Work porn website any less hilarious and wonderful.

4 – New Zealanders are a strange breed of weird – in fact we tend to attract more weird back to us, and gravitate towards all the weird out there on this big webby beastie we call the internet. Just in case you thought it was just me and not all New Zealanders, here’s a link London Kiwi Emma sent me. Had some brilliantly weird “penis beaker” conversations with colleagues after this one, and you should too.

5 – Finally, something a touch more serious. I saw this comic about how some feminists act, and it’s pretty much the best thing ever. Especially after of all the Kim Kardashian nudes and the whining and attempted shaming and such.

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