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Have better conversations – #2

March 6, 2016

Have Better Conversations

It’s the return of my better conversations series! Ok, it wasn’t really a series yet because I only ever did one, but I always had good intentions of doing more. Obviously these good intentions paved the road to hell, so I spent a while vacationing amongst the brimstone and I’ve only just got back on track to complete the second blog post.

Basically it’s a selection of five things I’ve found to be interesting conversation starters over the last wee while. Not new stories, just interesting stories.

1. Bye Felipe exists. This is a ridiculously interesting Instagram account, comprised of screenshots of what it’s like to be a woman on a dating app these days. Terrifying stuff that makes me run to my husband and hug him because actually being single and being treated like the ladies on the Instagram page is a hideous prospect. When I say “hug him” I really mean “cling to his leg like a giant Frankie-shaped-shackle”.

2. How to make the “chocolate bombe” dessert everyone is raving about. Food porn OMG  – the video at the end is just enchanting. I’m showing everyone, just in case they want to make me one.

3. Look, don’t click this link if you don’t want to see dead bodies, but I found it fascinating. From the 1870s onwards Parisian police have been photographing crime scenes. A grim yet intriguing look into history (and bedroom decor).

4. Ever wanted to know why mosquitoes bite the fuck out of you? Read this. For those of us who get eaten alive while the less delicious prats who sit naked by open windows live an easy life, enjoying themselves. Do I sound bitter? I wish I tasted that way.

5. I love a good historical cartoon, so I have to share these anti-suffragette posters. So interesting to see how women who thought they deserved the right to vote were painted as ugly, old maids, angry at having been rejected by men. Because the approval of a man is all we need in life, right ladies?  Could my eyes roll any harder? Worth a click.

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