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Happiness Link Up #2

February 19, 2016
The return of the Mayfairy.... ominous

The return of the Mayfairy…. ominous

Hi! Yeah, I took a couple of weeks off. I had some high level espionage that needed to be done and then I tried to convince Mark Zuckerberg to pay me a billion dollars for my stellar ideas (glow in the dark hedgehogs, hello). I also took some time for cat herding responsibilities. This all may not be true. Whatever, I’m back. I have no idea what any of you have been doing because this was a total break from Blogdom. No reading, writing or general nosing about. Sod all tweeting. Ok, ok, I may have snuck back into Blogdom a couple of times but that was only because I left a phone charger behind and I needed that shit to survive. But generally, I’m blog ignorant.

As my last post was a Happiness Link Up I decided that this would also be a nice way to ease back into it. A good way to let you all know what’s been going on these last couple of weeks and share the happy stuff with you so that you can then use it in your life if necessary and we can all be happy together in a hand holding, large purple dinosaur type of way. It also happened that it was time for Jasmin Charlotte‘s next link up, so yeah. That. Right, shut up Frankie, get on with the happy things.

1. I’ve been listening to Filler podcast. It’s on iTunes too etc etc. Basically, it’s two guys interviewing a variety of London creatives. Instagrammers, YouTubers, Photographers – anyone who’s got their arty farty pants on and about 50 gazillion followers. I hated some of the people, I loved some of the people, I learnt stuff and most importantly I came away from listening with that feeling of “OMG I JUST NEED TO ATTACK THE WORLD WITH A CAMERA AND GET IT ALL OUT”. But then I had to go to work. Worth a listen.

2. After all that creative angst I made the decision to start a proper YouTube channel with my husband. Basically, I want to become good at video editing. I know how to do it, I’ve used the fancy software, I’ve done it before but I want to feel like I’m good at it and comfortable with it. So yeah, I figured a YouTube channel is the answer. In the same way that I started a blog when I felt like I missed writing and needed a way to get back into it again, I’m hoping a YouTube channel will help me get on that editing train and finally use the giant heap of footage just sitting unused on my spare hard drive…

3. I joined the Wistia for their mailing list. Have you heard of Wistia? It’s a video hosting site doodacky. Basically, I had a Wistia account at work and they would send their marketing emails to my work email. I most cases I would just unsubscribe as I get enough email already thank you very much, but instead I found myself forwarding the emails to my personal email to look at later. They have a brilliant blog that’s all about how to make quality videos. Editing tips, shooting tips, lighting tips, you name it. If you make videos you should totally sign up just to join this mailing list.

3. I discovered www.myboxoffice.biz and they’re bloody fantastic. If you love all of the theatre but have none of the money, sign up to their site and they’ll email you with the most amazing deals. It is kind of hush hush though, so you will need a fully functional secret squirrel tail.

4. This is my new favourite blog ever. It’s basically just photos of places that used to be pizza huts but it’s fucking hilarious. Yes, I know you’re my friends and you write blogs and I’m possibly shitting all over your serious artistic endeavours by proclaiming this to be my favourite BUT LOOK AT THAT PLACE IT USED TO BE A PIZZA HUT IT’S SO EASY TO TELL.

5. This is my second favourite blog ever. Some guy named Howard is reading a biography of every president of the USA and using the opportunity to write a series of snort inducingly funny blogs. Like this one. I lost my shit at “bone-crushing kegel”.

Yes, I took two weeks off and spent it on the internet. Bite me. I’m also only doing five happy things because the espionage took up the rest of my time and I can’t discuss it here. Not because I was watching Spice World on Netflix or anything and forgot to finish this blog. Not at all.

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