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Happiness Link Up #1

February 5, 2016

TheMayfairy Squirrel

I don’t usually do these “ten happy things” posts. Mainly because I don’t generally like to do round up posts. There’s nothing I specifically hate about them, they just don’t get me wet, y’know?

Well, this week has been a daze of all kinds of emotions and things to do. For the first half my husband was definitely heading back to NZ and I was helping to organise the last minute stuff. Then, after the passing of a dear friend he wasn’t, but maybe he was, nope, now he’s not.

I’ve also been busy at work, so the whole thing has been a bit of daze. What day is it? Basically, I think I need to go through the happy things in my life to cheer myself up a bit and take stock, so the happiness link up from Jasmin Charlotte seemed like the perfect opportunity. Here goes, let’s see if I can think of ten happy things. Wish me luck!

1. I saw the fabulous Katie Brennan doing her one woman cabaret “Twenty Something The Quarter Life Crisis” at the St James’ Theatre and SALMON ON RYE CAN TOTALLY GO FUCK ITSELF. Did I mention she’s fabulous?

2. I accidentally met up with a gaggle of bloggers at the cabaret and the beautiful Katy and Erica saved me two seats up the front when my friend was running late and I had to wait outside for her. I didn’t even ask them to. What total babes.

3. I turned 30. It was fine. I didn’t party, I just had a quiet drink with my husband, something I haven’t really done in a long time and I had forgotten how much I missed our drunken chatter and how therapeutic it is.

4. I saw deer and squirrels on an epic walk through Greenwich Park. Apparently you’re not supposed to feed squirrels, because it just encourages them to be bastards. But how can I resist buying a big bag of monkey nuts for their cute, chubby little faces?

5. I ate New Zealand chocolate. So much New Zealand chocolate, thanks to a care package from my mum. It tastes different to English chocolate and comes in great flavours, like Black Forest! Yummo.

6. My friend Louise and I have big plans to do something foodie and fabulous for Easter, so I’m definitely excited about planning that.

7. I think I’m getting my blogger guilt under control. I only did two blog posts this week instead of three and the world didn’t implode. The world didn’t notice, because I’m not the centre of it. Look at all that perspective you get when you turn 30!

8. I learnt about the 5th Duke of Portland, who lived in the 1800s and hated people. He refused to even speak to his servants and if he accidentally wandered into a room with other people in it he forced them to stand still like statues until he could pass through. He built a series of underground rooms and tunnels to avoid having to venture into the outside world and painted everything pink. There’s still more, but that’s enough for now.

9. I’m quietly going about cleaning up my Twitter account. I’ve been using it since 2011 and I’ve learnt so much about social media and the world in general on the platform. I’m considering a blog series about it, as I’ve done so many things wrong over the years but it’s not as straightforward as my series on Instagram, so we’ll see. I am excited to be getting back into it again.

10. Mixing Sainsbury’s house white with cranberry juice gives you “budget rosé” which is currently my cocktail of choice. Hurrah!

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