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FYI Fridays #3

April 14, 2017

Hello! The Mayfairy lives! Yes, I had to duck out of Blogdom for a while as I was working on a huge (non blog related) project. It’s ongoing, but as it’s Easter I have nabbed some time for this update post and probably even some NORMAL SERVICE RESUMING NEXT WEEK. Oh god, now I’ve put it in caps like that I better stick with it, huh? Well, I have three posts lined up for next week and a few more in the works for the week after so fingers crossed I can keep this momentum going.

Just quietly, this time away from blogging has been good for my other writing. Anyone else feel like they’re cheating on their blog when they do other writing? Or sabotaging their other writing when they blog too much? Blogging is such an emotional mind fuck.

Here’s five things I really, really want to tell you:


/I’ve been commuting a long way, sometimes with my husband. Mark is more likely to jump on a bulging full train and find a place to stand, whereas I like to gamble five minutes and see if the next train is more space-friendly. Basically, if I’m with Mark I end up standing on crowded trains. This was the case one morning when I ended next to Mr-Pushy-And-Unfamiliar-With-Rush-Hour-Crush. This dude was not happy that so many people were standing quietly near him. We were near the door, so you can see how there’s a lot of pushing and shuffling every three minutes when the train stops and people get on and off.

Dude was huffy and constantly banging into me. London Bridge was too much for him. He barged past me and torpedoed himself further in the middle of the train as he saw the crowd waiting on the platform, all the while shouting “Can I get through here, please? This is just getting ridiculous”. He pronounced “please” as if it were a swear word.

I giggled, this wasn’t even close to ridiculous. He’d have to wait until Waterloo if he wanted to see truly ridiculous. I was glad to be rid of him. Guess who took his place? A woman with an eight week old dachshund. I got to make faces at the puppy for the rest of the journey. Win.

Rococo Roald Dahl Chocolates, FYI Fridays

// My husband was hanging out in central London when he discovered Rococo Roald Dahl chocolates. He’s been buying them for me every time he goes past and they are freaking amazing. I’m a little sad I didn’t think to grab one of their Easter eggs.


/// I am now a grandmother! My step-daughter gave birth to Emelia Jane not so long ago and I’ve been ordering Paddington Bear books and demanding photos. We FaceTimed a few days ago, apparently she’s a very chill baby but she likes to stay awake all night. Mark asked the fabulous question “what does she do at night?”. Particle physics, Mark. She’s built a medium sized hadron collider in the corner and she hunts the Higgs boson in the wee small hours. What does he bloody think newborns do at night?!

Chicane Cartoon, FYI Fridays

Rocket Science by Mark Winter – Chicane
Part of Mark’s Cartoon Portfolio for 2016, posted with permission from the artist 😉

//// For the sake of balance, I’d better point out that my husband isn’t a complete idiot. He’s a Finalist for New Zealand Cartoonist of the Year in the Canon Media Awards. He got an email about it at 4am one morning and had to wake me up to tell me…


///// It’s getting warmer! Basically, this means constant indecision about which coat I should be wearing. It also means my husband switches from his winter uniform to his summer uniform which is  a little sad as I realised in the pub a few months ago that he reminds me of the Ikea monkey when he wears his winter coat…

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