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FYI Friday #2

March 10, 2017

Thank Cheese it’s Friday again! I am so busy I can’t even commit to three posts a week right now, but I wanted to write my usual Friday Post. Mostly because I have things I need to get of my chest. Here’s the state of the Frankie union right now:

/// I tried to get Chinese food. We had this amazing Chinese restaurant in Greenwich, but high rents and developers caused them to move to Belvedere. So Mark and I decided to go to Belvedere to get as much food as we could carry and eat it all weekend. Just like the good old days. We hopped on the train and then embarked on the 20 minute walk towards the restaurant. That would be 20 minutes on flat ground. This was up hill all the way. I walked a panting half hour with a whining husband, only to reach the damn restaurant and find it was closed cause they’d changed their hours. OMG. The marital strife was real, folks. He’s still a little pissy and threatening to kick me off the the Winter Organisational Committee, but he doesn’t really have the personnel to replace me, so I think I’m safe…

/// I’ve become obsessed with Ancestry.com. I needed to get a few family certificates and then fell into a world of creating family trees. My tree, my husband’s tree, I’ll climb any old tree. I was hoping to find a few ancestors buried in England that I could go visit, seeing as they probably haven’t had company in a while, but it looks like I’ll have to head north to do that. I’d totally recommend this to all nosy people, just don’t expect to find castles and dragons in your past. My family’s all illegitimate servants and Mark’s are illiterate miners. He thinks I’m nuts for doing this, but it explains why he spends so much time sitting in the dark with a canary. Lols.

/// I’ve been growing my hair and it’s finally getting long. Basically, I stopped dying my hair as it was always breaking. I’ve just let it do it’s own thing for a year and it’s doing it rather well. However, I’d completely forgotten the downside to having long hair. The annoying side. The having-to-make-allowances-for-it-all-the-time side. Like trying to put on a bra after a shower and getting it caught in the shoulder strap because you forgot to do the back of the neck scoop and sweep. AAARGH! Also, I’m pretty sure it’s now at the optimal length for doing stuff. I could have all the pretty hairstyles. Instead, what do I do? Wear it down. If it’s a bit dirty, ponytail does it. I’m rolling my eyes at myself here.

FYI Friday Marie's Tea Room FYI Friday Grow your own drugs book FYI Friday Sit Down and Shut Up

/// A few weekends ago I went with a couple of bloggers to see Pocahontas. No, not the Disney movie. We took the train just out of London to Gravesend where Pocahontas was buried 400 years ago. The churchyard is lovely, the vicar was kind and the village was cute. Especially the tearoom. As well as tea and cake, they also had comedy cushions and a book on growing your own drugs. Something for everyone. Further blog post scheduled.

/// I’m still trying to write this play. I think I’ve mentioned it before. If not, I’m trying to write a play but it’s taking up more brain power than I have available, especially when I have so much work on right now. I’m going to try and plough through a decent chunk this weekend. (Also, no idea what I’m going to do with it once it’s written. It’s just become a compulsion now).

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