Contact Me

I have an email address. It’s frankie [at]

You can email me, if you want.

If you’d rather find me on Twitter or Instagram, I’m @themayfairy on both.

This crazy world of PR freebies in no way affects my opinions and thoughts or my propensity to write these opinions or thoughts freely on this blog. No one tells me what to write. No one suggests what I should write. No one gets a final say on what goes live before it goes live except me. This is a crazy tyrannical dictatorship and I am mad with power.

However, I’m always honest about how I found out about something, whether I was invited as a guest, or sent something for free and why I’m writing about something. Please don’t ask me to write about you if you’re not happy for me to disclose this information.

What I don’t do

  • I don’t publish press releases
  • I don’t accept random guest posts from people I don’t know
  • I don’t recommend companies I’ve never heard of or never used so please don’t ask. This is not a free advertising space for your business