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Bloggers vs infographics

July 19, 2017

Recently I was inspired while reading the gospel according to Jaime. The conversation, in case you missed it, centred on the fact that bloggers hate infographics, yet PRs love sending them over to us. They want us to publish them. For free. On behalf of their client. Just because it’s #goodcontent. We usually tell them to piss off.

What if we’re wrong? What if infographics are actually the holy grail of audience engagement and we’ve all been missing a trick? They’ve been trying to tell us this for years, but nooooo, we all go on foolishly ignoring these beacons of marketing genius trying to guide us through the night of internet obscurity, thinking we know best.

Hell, they’re even offering us these slickly designed graphics for free. No money now, no money ever! Well, today’s the day I find out once and for all it they’re right. I am publishing a selection of the best infographics that I’ve just designed, featuring important statistics that I’ve just made up. If it goes well I might just post one every week, become some sort of blog god and steal all your followers.

All hail infographic glory!

Blogger Infographics

(I had way too much fun designing this post)



Credit: Grabbed some graphics from FlatIcon and FreePik




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