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Have better conversations #6

September 9, 2016

Have Better Conversations

I haven’t done one of these in a while, but I’ve had some interesting conversations so why the hell not give you the five things that sparked these interesting conversations? Exactly. You need this post. Funny things, serious things and, of course, weird things. As always, remember, they’re not necessarily new stories, just interesting stories.

1 – There’s an abandoned “chicken church” in Indonesia
Back in the 80s some Indonesian dude was talking to god, when god asked him to build a church in the shape of a dove. God was obviously taking the day off during a subsequent conversation and let the Colonel take over, because “Chicken Church” happened. It’s a church with a chicken head squawking, and it’s been abandoned for a good 16 years now. Chickens don’t pay the bills.

2 – BBC subtitles were a little bit hilarious in August
We all make mistakes. Recently, the BBC played a nature programme but stuffed up the subtitles. Instead of nature-programme-animal-fact subtitles, they aired the subtitles from comedian Aziz Ansari’s stand up routine. Oh, the lols.

3 – Apparently some things are only for girls and boys could never be interested
This went viral ages ago but you may not have read it. A woman writer visits schools and is only permitted to talk to the female students. Even when male students show an interest they are shamed into not attending. So. Fucking. Angry.

4 – Regrettable tattoos in Asian languages you don’t speak
People send this guy photos of their tattoos of Asian characters, with a note about what they think it means and he tells them what it actually means. Be thankful for the good decisions you made in 2005.

5 – The worst novelist ever
We’ve all read some pretty terrible writing. Some of you may even have read some on this here blog. Well here’s the high achiever of baaaaaaad writing.


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