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Siege at Arundel Castle

June 3, 2015


Hello, my name is Frankie and I bloody love a castle. Last bank holiday weekend my husband, Mark, and I went down to Sussex to Arundel Castle. Partly because we have friends in the area and partly because they were reenacting a siege all weekend. A siege! How exciting. Now, a word of warning: there are many things you are not allowed to do in Arundel Castle. You’re not allowed to take photos inside of the castle (my husband tried). You’re not allowed to walk backwards through the castle from finish to start (my husband tried, with me in tow). You’re also probably not supposed to come with foodie aspirations, as the restaurant was a bit overpriced and bland. Judging by the meals at other tables the baked potatoes seemed to be the most reasonable bet, though I probably have hog roast food envy as that’s what was happening outside.

Never mind these slightly negative aspects, there were many beautiful gardens and castley areas to enjoy, to photograph and to get excited about and that’s exactly what we did. Let’s start with the siege.  It was based upon the age old story of the French attacking the English in the year once upon a time. To be honest, they had a lot of technical and scientific information on offer that many people just lapped up but it all fell out of my head the moment the gunpowder display started exploding everywhere. Explosions are fun. We also had archers, men in armour and lots of pointy sticks to amuse the crowds. Here’s what happened when the proper battle started:

The English archers fire

The English archers fire

Not as easy as it looks. The key is to keep your elbow high when you draw back, so you use your back muscles and not just your arm muscles.

The English archers miss. The French commander gives sass.

The English archers miss. The French commander gives sass.

Sorry, missed. Frenchie is still standing with his feather erect.

The second and third round of English archery is far more accurate

The second and third round of English archery is far more accurate

You can never watch this gif too many times. Down goes Frenchie! Learn him for being sassy to the English.

The French retreat

The French retreat

The cheese eating surrender monkeys live up to their name, flicking away arrows as they retreat. Fun times.

Ok, so people made fun of me for going to see a reenactment, but A FRENCH GUY GOT HIT IN THE BALLS WITH AN ARROW. If that doesn’t justify the train fare then you and I can’t be friends any more. It’s a beautiful castle, stunning grounds, too many gardens to shake a medieval stick at and a fun day out. My love for castles can only keep growing from here on in.

The-Mayfairy-Arudel-Castle-4 The-Mayfairy-Arudel-Castle-3 The-Mayfairy-Arudel-Castle-2 The-Mayfairy-Arudel-Castle-1

Souvenirs on sale

Souvenirs on sale

The Armoury

The Armoury

Lurking around the castle keep

Lurking around the castle keep

The Dungeon

The Dungeon

Flags and hog roast (wish I'd eaten here instead)

Flags and hog roast (wish I’d eaten here instead)

Medieval frolciking

Medieval frolicking

Some more battle shots

Some more battle shots – ladies can fight too!

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  • The archery looks like brilliant fun, did you shoot the action with a Go Pro? Am just getting to grips with one and the first time we just got some very long range footage that looked like a dot on the horizon!

    Suze | LuxuryColumnist

    • No, my husband shot it with his Sony HandyCam, I edited out my fave parts and turned them into gifs in Photoshop. I’ve been meaning to experiment with a GoPro for a while now, to see if it’s worth buying Mark one…

  • Beautiful pictures. This looks like so much fun! I’ve always wanted to go to a reenactment 🙂


    • It was cool. All these kids were freaking out coz they thought they were real knights who were going to kill them. Haha

  • adales8

    I think I’ve found my new life calling: battle re-enactor. x

    • Yes! And you don’t have nuts, so you’re safe from archers!

  • Thank you so much for introducing Arundel Castle. The way you told stories about the history is very interesting. The dungeon looks creepy.

    • Yeah. Most of the dummies look creepy to be honest!

  • Shikha (whywasteannualleave)

    So weird to happen to see this post on a day when my hubby and I went to a castle too!!We went to Leeds castle – have you been there? So easy from south east London and so gorgeous! Arundel has been on my wishlist for ages since I first read a cheesy engagement story in a glossy mag years ago. The story was a bit cheesy but the castle looked magnificent and been wanting to visit ever since! Looks like such a nice day out Frankie!

    • No, I didn’t realise it was easy to get to! Now it’s on the list!

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  • I love a Castle too and Arundel looks like a cracker – didn’t even know it existed until reading this! x

    • I didn’t know until friends moved there – it’s such a beautiful town as well!

  • What a great day out castles are a great way to spend a weekend, Shame about the food, love the giff of the archers Lucy x

    • Hehe, gifs are fun. I think I may gif more often…

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