London Love Story

#LumiaStreetArt with Microsoft

September 18, 2015


A while back I took part in a very cool street art tour of Shoreditch with Microsoft Lumia. We were all given new Lumia phones (not to keep, just to try out for the tour) and the wonderful Karim from led the tour, showing us his favourite East End street art, explaining the whos the whats and the whys and generally giving us a kick ass art history lesson.

We were also joined by the lovely Phil Hebberd, a professional photographer who was along for the ride to help us get the most out of our mobile phones photography wise.

My husband, Mark, actually owns a Nokia Lumia Windows phone, so I know from personal experience that they take wonderful photos. Here are a few of my fave pieces of street art from the day, taken with the Lumia:

The-Mayfairy-Street-Art-1 The-Mayfairy-Street-Art-2 The-Mayfairy-Street-Art-3The-Mayfairy-Street-Art-4 The-Mayfairy-Street-Art-5The-Mayfairy-Street-Art-6The-Mayfairy-Street-Art-7The-Mayfairy-Street-Art-8The-Mayfairy-Street-Art-9The-Mayfairy-Street-Art-10The-Mayfairy-Street-Art-11

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  • Welp, now I know what phone to switch to. Not digging the Galaxy S4…

    • As I say, my husband has one. Does the trick, takes nice photos. Not as many apps as the iphone, and I sometimes find it a bit counter intuitive, but that could be because I’m so used to the iphone.

  • I love East London for its brilliant art work, it is co scantly changing and evolving which Iove. Great pictures I like that the Lumia is so bright brilliant to find in a huge bag Lucy x

    • Yeah I love that too, it does ‘look’ very cool. 🙂

  • Very nice picture.The street art looks amazing.