Joy and Gluttony, London Love Story


June 4, 2015


Earlier this year a young man named Aftab from realised that he had an undying passion for blogging, cake and grassy areas within the general vicinity of Buckingham Palace. He made it his mission to combine all three in one glorious Bank Holiday afternoon.

Now, I didn’t actually know Aftab before this beacon of light in the blogging night came into my life, but I knew Steph from and she was all “come hang with us”. And of course I was all, “I know people, can they hang too?”. Yes folks, it was possible for my assortment of homies to hang too. With that we all sank into a happy stupor thinking about all the diabetes we were gonna get from the cakey cakeness.

When I got there on the day, there was a lot of cake. Moreish cheesecakes, hashtagged cupcakes made by the lovely Sheepa at, amazingly gooey brownies from The Brownie Queen, ie Sophie at, hot pink meringues from Flick at and even more chocolate brownies from Connie at Plus every other foodstuff that’s ever been discovered to be edible.

I met some great people. Internet friends who turned out to be real people: Suze from, Catherine from, Jaime from, old favourites: Angie from and Alexandra from / Zomato and also some brand new people, like Mary Lou from She gave us The Celebrated Brontë Liqueur Blackberry & Sloe and mixed it up into a winning cocktail with ginger ale. If you’ve never heard of it, it’s what Jesus drinks while everyone else is drinking Pimms.

Flick's meringue. Artfully placed on a Union Jack Flag. It doesn't look like a Union Jack, but it's a small meringue and a large flag...

Flick’s meringue. Artfully placed on a Union Jack Flag. It doesn’t look like a Union Jack, but it’s a small meringue and a large flag…

Gougères. In Flick's world, these are currency.

Gougères. In Flick’s world, these are currency.

Sophie toiled for years to become The Brownie Queen, and now has the crown welded to her head.

Sophie toiled for years to become The Brownie Queen, and now has the crown welded to her head.

Cheese and biscuits. All of the yes.

Cheese and biscuits. All of the yes.

We feasted. We giggled. Flick got a bit wild after a bottle of Prosecco and tried to steal all of Sheepa’s gougères, proving that the Swiss only claim to be neutral until a cheese puff is at stake, then it’s every cheese lover for himself…

We were gifted all kinds of goodies, from Zomato vouchers through to Bonne Maman jam and Newby tea samples… I foolishly didn’t look into my bag before selecting it from the pile, so I ended up with caramel spread while everyone else got blueberry and cherry jams. This brought on a solo pity party until I dug a little further and found the Bonne Maman recipe book with 30 things to bake. Looks like I’m gonna be baking something gooey and caramelly. Look out for that extravaganza.

What’s the most important thing I took home from the day? Cervical smears are essential. (and to a similar extent, and, though they’re probably less likely to make public declarations) are very interested in your cervical health. Please visit your doctor, get that metallic duck-esque speculum dooda crammed into your intimate joy and get it all screened. If you do one thing this month, do that. Unless you’re cervix-less, in which case I’ll give you a pass. Otherwise, it’s legs together at ankles and apart at the knees, no shame in that game.

See, invite me somewhere nice, give me cake and all I can talk about is fanny. That’s just the way I roll. Finally, if you’re wondering, no I didn’t take anything edible to this picnic myself. I’m a selfish egotistical muppet and I just eat without giving back. That and my organisational skills leave a lot to be desired. Long story.

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  • Wow This picnic is a good idea to meet the online bloggers. You seemed to have a great time.

  • Sophie’s brownies… oh my goodness. I’m going over to her blog now to see what other food porn goodness I can find!
    Also, I’m giving a +1 for cervical smears being essential. I really hope more women nowadays are going for their appointments rather than putting them off. I was fortunate enough to get mine done a year or so before I would have in the UK (age restrictions) because I was in Germany and I felt such a wave of relief for knowing everything was okay.

    • Sophie is a goddess. Nigella 2.0. They let you do them earlier in New Zealand too, which is nice.

  • Lol!! It was such a fun day! Bless Aftab for being such a fab host! Lovely to see you as always!

    • Lovely to see you too, Angie. Don’t forget to get your cervix checked.

  • adales8

    First of all, this events seems awesome. Second – I think the age restriction in the UK is crazy! You can do them earlier in the US too. x

    • What’s that about, huh? Any event with cake is a good event.

  • My word those brownies look incredibleee.
    I do love a good picnic, and this one looks like it was pretty special xo

    • Definitely lots of fun. Amazing brownies.

  • Heaven on grass… xxx

  • I’ve learnt that a) I must stop ignoring those letters from my GP surgery and b) the UK has an age limit? Do I fall under it? Probably not, right. God being 30+ is hard.

    • No no no, the minimum age is 25. 30+ is right in the sweet spot for being checked. Though I suspect yours is about to be stared at from every angle…

  • Gabrielle

    This sounds like the perfect event – good food and good company! Those brownies look insanely delicious and I’ve never been more disappointed to have just brushed my teeth.. as well as to not have any brownies in front of me!

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice


    • Not having brownies in front of me is a really sad aspect of life x

  • Sam

    Sounds like you had an awesome day! *That* Cheeeeesssseeeee! Yum!

    • So much cheese. We were unable to finish it, even!

  • Ok fine, you’ve guilted me into trawling the crap mail pile we have for those letters from the GP about getting smeared!

    • OMG Connie, go get smeared go get smeared now. Never ignore your doctor’s letters. Food blogging needs you!

  • Shikha (whywasteannualleave)

    Oh Lordy, firstly, I was feeling a little left out reading about this party till you brought cervix talk into it Frankie – I prefer not to talk shop at the weekends so perhaps it was best I sat it out 😀 Secondly, ain’t nothing egotistical about it – I’d have probably done the same, until about 2 minutes ago, I thought I could bake but clearly my sad attempts would have been fed to only the birds compared to these beauties on display and frankly, feeding yourself without contributing – survival of the fittest no? It’s just evolution.

    • Haha, to be fair I think it was only our little faction that was cervix obsessed. I like your idea though, I need to find a way to blame more of my selfish behaviour on evolution! 😉

  • Bimpy checks please everyone

  • I really wanted to go to this but wasn’t down here. I was in Nottingham, my punishment was viewing Instagram and Twitter pics of wonderful baked offerings Lucy x

  • I think if you have any history of similar cancers in your family you can get screenings earlier than 25 in the UK? Good point made though, go get it done! Plus, definitely an important point I didnt expect nestled in a cloud of cakey blogging anecdotes 🙂 Alice xx

    • Yeah, I’m all about the hidden extras 😂

  • Boooo, I missed it :'( Sad about the empty hole in my stomach this event would’ve filled. Oh…and not meeting you guys, too…I guess. 😀

    • Yeah, there’s us. There was also free stuff! Yeah!

  • Was gutted that I couldn’t come along! Sounds all the fun!! x