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How I say where I’m from

July 4, 2016

How do you define ‘home’? Right now, ‘home’ is London, ‘home’ is Greenwich, ‘home’ is where ever I can hang out with my husband away from the rest of the world.

But when people ask where I’m from, home is New Zealand. That’s where my family is, that’s where I grew up, that’s what shaped me.

In London, people ask where you’re from A LOT. Coz everyone is from somewhere. Even the London people have a specific part of London that they feel is uniquely theirs. I’ve found that how I answer this question depends on who’s asking and the conversation tends to go one of three ways.

If you’re from a big famous place that everyone knows – Paris, Chicago, Sydney – your answer to “where are you from?” is probably a lot less complicated than if you’re from somewhere a little further off the beaten track.

If, like me, you’re from Invercargill, New Zealand, the conversation tends to go like this:

When relatively normal people ask where I’m from:

Home Comic-01

This is best case scenario. Most sane people will react this away. All good, except I don’t have many conversations with the 99% of the population who are sane. I tend to attract the weirdos.


When someone else also from New Zealand asks where I’m from:

Home Comic-02

I love you, fellow New Zealanders, but we’re all fucking nuts. And stop turning my accent into your own personal circus side show, it’s not my fault.

(This is the accent I’m on about, for all you non-kiwi types)


When someone who thinks they know everything about New Zealand because they saw Lord of the Rings 12 times in high school asks me where I’m from:

Home Comic-03

Look, if you hear that I’m from New Zealand and that excites you and you want to share the story of how your friend went to Wellington and broke her arm while dressed like a penguin in a brothel, please just tell me the fun story.

Don’t make us both go through the pantomime of pretending that the differences between Stewart Island, Queenstown and all that lies in-between is scintillating conversation. I will just make it weird.

Also: I really like taniwha.


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  • Loved reading this and the humour is on point 🙂

  • Love the illustrations!

  • this is so funny! I can totally relate to this! my scenario goes like this: 1) q:where are you from? a:croatia 1:ok (blank look on his/her face but doesn’t ask anything else) 2: aaa, next to russia? me:no, not at all 3) croatia? are you from dubrovnik? yeah, baby nice beaches: me: ?no, (yup,there’s more than beach and dubrovnik to my country but I won’t bother explaining) 4:croatia?great football! me:blank face, yes 5: ooo i’ve got some relatives there, you know, ’cause my family moved to australia all those years ago, do you know my grandma?? me:no, I don’t know your whatever :))))

    • Ahahaha, football. The eternal blank face from me too! x

  • haha. Funny. I love Kiwis and the way they speak. I had to work with lots of them at Air NZ. 🙂

    • Ahahaha we’re a nutty bunch with terrible accents 😉

  • I get these reactions too from people when I tell them I’m from Canada. It’s a large flipping country, so no, I probably haven’t met your cousin that moved to Vancouver, I’m from Ontario.

    • But you totally know everyone in Ontario, right? XD

  • “The place he lived started with ‘r’ or maybe ‘t’… It was hard to pronounce but there was a beach there”
    “I’m sorry I underestimated your detailed knowledge of my home country”
    HAHAHAHAHA. Whyyyyyyyyy. XD

    • See, you also have a complicated story when someone asks where your from and won’t just take a country as an answer. YOU GET ME! x

  • adales8

    These cartoons are exactly why I love you. Although once I was talking to an Irish person who was from a small town and they actually did know someone that I knew from that area, because the world is freaky that way. 😉

  • Too fucking funny!!!
    I especially love that last strip, fucking brilliant!

    • Peter Jackson SHOULD make a movie about this. Feet eating mole zombies that rise up from underneath you is a pretty good horror concept.

  • You don’t know everyone on the south island… I get that at weddings – ‘oh you work at XXXX, so you must know Jim’ out of the 12000 people that work there really…

    • Haha, probably more people working with you than living in the South Island 😉

  • Hahahahaha I LIVE for your commentary. I’m dating a Kiwi so these observations ring a chord with me. I watched your video on how you pronounced ‘deck’ and I creased so hard – I die whenever my Kiwi says deck, and its become a running joke to see who can use the word deck most inappropriately. Example:

    Him: “My deck is huge. It’s 50 feet wide and 30 feet long. On a nice sunny day I have my whole family sitting on my deck. Not when it rains though, I’m not a fan of a slippery deck.”

    Me: “What’s your deck made of?”

    Him: “Lots and lots of prime New Zealand wood.”

    God bless New Zealand.

    Posh, Broke, & Bored

    • Bahahaha I just saved this comment from spam and thank god. I love your boyfriend’s deck!

  • Omg reading this actually made me laugh, annoying not everyone is happy with the answer of just New Zealand. I’m hoping to go and live out there for a year, so excited!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

  • I like a nice, well maintained deck.

  • Thank you for the laughter – both your post and deck-gate up there have made my lunchtime!

  • Hahahaha. But EVERYONE knows Cuthbert!