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Have better conversations #5

June 4, 2016

Have Better Conversations

Time for another selection of five links I’ve found to be interesting recently. Interesting enough to spark good conversations between me and the people I’m forced to interact with each week. I’m sharing them with you to save you from having to tell your co-workers what you really got up to this weekend. Remember, they’re not necessarily new stories, just interesting stories.

1 – Check out these amazing illustrations showing the the evolution of various actors / characters / celebrities over time, all in handy GIF format. I love the Leonardo DiCaprio one.

2 – I retweeted this on Twitter, but might as well link it here as well. Someone has made a new line of lipsticks that look like penises.  That someone is  a company called Mushroom.

3 – Remember back in 2003 when everyone was getting tattoos in various Asian languages that were supposed to say things like “serenity”, “peace” and “eye of the tiger, thrill of the fight” only to later find out they actually said things like “egg fried rice” or “large cat box”? Well, westerners aren’t the only ones making fools of themselves. Turns out a lot of people in Asia are wearing slogan t-shirts that probably don’t quite mean what they think they mean…

4 – Whatever you do, don’t make fun of renowned author Dan Brown, who is 5’9″ and successful. From 2013 but still packs the lols.

5 – I usually put a video in these lists somewhere, so lets finish with 2cellos playing Thunderstruck

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  • The Dan Brown thing is hilarious!

  • Those shirts are amazing and I kinda want to take a trip just to get some and wear them around an English speaking country!

    • I think they should start selling them at markets in English speaking countries. It’s a winner.

  • adales8

    I had completely forgotten about the Dan Brown one so thank you for bringing that back into my life! x

  • #3. Being able to read Japanese is great for those weird tattoos. I sat next to a massive guy on a bus once who had ‘LIBRARY’ tattooed on his arm. I asked him what it meant, and he said it meant ‘Liberty’. I didn’t have the heart to correct him….

    Erin xx

    • OMG THAT STORY IS AMAZING. I wonder if anyone has had the heart to tell him yet… XD

  • The lipsticks sound…err….interesting, though I’m currently sat next to my Mum so I haven’t dared click theink!! 🙂

    • You and your mum are sure to enjoy them 😜