Joy and Gluttony

Food truths

January 18, 2016

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  • adales8

    I’m going to argue that choosing the donut with a hole is a legitimate calorie conscious choice. There. x

    • See? Some would call you an enabler, but I just call you sensible.

  • What if I get a doughnut with jam in the middle? Jam is basically fruit. So the doughnut becomes one of my 5 a day. Right?

  • aladyinlondon

    Haha, I love this! I’m right there with you on the doughnuts!

  • These are hilarious! Love the quinoa one in particular 😀 xxx

    • Constantly avoiding all spoken conversations containing “quinoa” is tiring, I tell you 😉

  • Tequila is the world’s way of saying “I hate you.”

    • Hehe, it also has a delayed reaction setting XD

  • Hehehe, I do this too with the donuts, I actually reassured myself by getting the one with the hole rather than the filled one!!

    • SEE! AND YOU ARE A DOCTOR! This whole blog post has been justified. XD

      • Shikha (whywasteannualleave)

        Hehe, let’s call my comment an off duty comment 😀

  • A woman after my own heart why deprive yourself. Food is a wonderful thing. I make conscious biscuit choices. I can eat loads of Jaffa cakes for one cookie, gets my vote Lucy x

  • The small changes and choices make the biggest differences that’s for sure and also portion control.
    Try using smaller bowls to put your healthy dishes in, your stomach only really needs a meal the size of a fist which isn’t very much, the stomach is only very small but our eyes are bigger 😉

    The best diet advice is balance, and I think you’re so right in saying you can cut calories with sweeter treats or cheat foods.

    Also if you like cocktails stay away from Long Island Ice Tea’s! Over 700 calories per one. Have a Cosmo instead or, a simply G&T at around 60.

    Great tips here that’s for sure!

    Laura xx

  • My diet choice…EAT IT ALL!!