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Have better conversations #6

September 9, 2016

Have Better Conversations

I haven’t done one of these in a while, but I’ve had some interesting conversations so why the hell not give you the five things that sparked these interesting conversations? Exactly. You need this post. Funny things, serious things and, of course, weird things. As always, remember, they’re not necessarily new stories, just interesting stories.

1 – There’s an abandoned “chicken church” in Indonesia
Back in the 80s some Indonesian dude was talking to god, when god asked him to build a church in the shape of a dove. God was obviously taking the day off during a subsequent conversation and let the Colonel take over, because “Chicken Church” happened. It’s a church with a chicken head squawking, and it’s been abandoned for a good 16 years now. Chickens don’t pay the bills.

2 – BBC subtitles were a little bit hilarious in August
We all make mistakes. Recently, the BBC played a nature programme but stuffed up the subtitles. Instead of nature-programme-animal-fact subtitles, they aired the subtitles from comedian Aziz Ansari’s stand up routine. Oh, the lols.

3 – Apparently some things are only for girls and boys could never be interested
This went viral ages ago but you may not have read it. A woman writer visits schools and is only permitted to talk to the female students. Even when male students show an interest they are shamed into not attending. So. Fucking. Angry.

4 – Regrettable tattoos in Asian languages you don’t speak
People send this guy photos of their tattoos of Asian characters, with a note about what they think it means and he tells them what it actually means. Be thankful for the good decisions you made in 2005.

5 – The worst novelist ever
We’ve all read some pretty terrible writing. Some of you may even have read some on this here blog. Well here’s the high achiever of baaaaaaad writing.


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  • Iris B.

    Number 4 is the type of news I’ve been waiting for all my life – I’ve always wondered if the people with those ill-judged tattoos would ever get to find out for sure! Already used it as a conversation starter twice since yesterday, and it’ll probably keep me going all week 😛

    • There are some real gems in that blog, and it’s been going for so long that there are TONNES of archives to make your way through 🙂

  • Chicken church!! I can’t stop laughing 😀 😀

    So glad I never got a tattoo with any kind of Asian symbol 😉

  • OMG #4!!! Hahahaha!
    I’ve just seen something on Tattoo Fixers on Holiday, some guy tried to get Cancun tattooed and it looked like Can Cum, and there was this chinese character below it which apparently read Caitlyn. Can Cum Caitlyn for the win!

    Honey x The Girl Next Shore

  • My brother’s best friend has “university student” instead of “eternally learning” tattooed on his shoulder – which he discovered while walking through Chinatown a few months ago when an old man came up to him and told him he was too old to be still at university.

    No 3 makes me see red though – what a load of %*^$*

  • dana

    I’ve been itching to do a rant on tattoos but I know i’d irritate at least 70% of the blog population. But maannnnnnnn!!!

    Also – unrelated: I haven’t been commenting on your posts because I’ve been reluctant to create yet another login to yet another forum just to make a comment.
    I’ve really been balking at the all the new ways for unknown companies to get your data and MAKE IT SEARCHABLE ONLINE just for me to comment.
    WHyyyy oh whyyyyy did you change from wordpress.
    What is this Disqus thing? Why did I have to generate ANOTHER log in???

    There’s one, get this, there’s one where not only to do you have to create a new log in but every time you comment, you have to do MATH just to post that comment.
    One of those, “prove you’re not a robot but doing this quick calculation: ** + ___ = 7”


    Some occasions you’re multiplying numbers, others you’re doing it with symbols.
    WHAT THE FUKK!!?!!!

    • I just don’t understand why anyone would permanently etch something on themself that they’d just chosen from a tattoo guy’s wall in a language they know nothing about while drunk. Like, how do you get to that thought process?

      Also, interesting you say that about comments. I’m still on WordPress and can go back to the WordPress comments system. I’m trying out Disqus as so many people are using it, but it’s not fucking impressing me right now with it’s refusal to import comments properly. I just don’t understand why I can’t have both systems and let people choose which way they comment, as they’re both currently installed. It’s a source of much mental anguish right now.

  • OMG the asian tattoos. As someone who can read kanji, I’m always so cringed out. Like the gigantic muscly guy with ‘library’ tattooed on him that i saw on the bus once. I was intrigued, so I asked him what it meant (as in, did he love reading?) but he thought it said ‘liberty’. I didn’t have the heart to correct him xx

    • Hehe, I wonder if anyone has told this guy? I wonder if one day he will be imprisoned in a library and he will die from irony overload…

  • Ohh my goodness, the Asian tattoos! The worst novelist ever reminds me of the podcast I’ve been listening to – my dad wrote a porno. If you haven’t heard it I think it might be just your sort of humour! 😉 Alice xxx