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5 Fictional characters who should totally have a blog

May 25, 2016

i read your blog

I blog. You (probably) blog . We have mutual friends and heroes who blog. Blog, blog, blog, bloggy, blog, blog. But sometimes I feel that the blogs we read aren’t quite enough. Then I enter a fantasy world where I entertain thoughts of fictional blogs that I would read the shit out of. So, I’ve compiled this list of fictional characters who would make excellent bloggers. I wish these blogs existed.

Claudia Kishi – The Babysitters’ Club
She would obviously be a fashion blogger. She would team up with Stacey McGill who would run the blog, while Claudia would run the vlog and they would be #content creation powerhouse. Can you even imagine the insane shit that would feature on that blog? “How to dress like a walrus”. “Look at my mermaid bra fashioned from shells I found at the beach”. “Bad things that happen when hermit crabs attached themselves to your nipples”. I would be gripped and clicking every affiliate link.

Rory Gilmore

Rory Gilmore – Gilmore Girls
Realistically Lorelai would probably create a more interesting blog, but Rory would be the one to actually do it and stick to a schedule. I’d read it. It might get a little sappy and weirdly political at times and I might not agree with her opinions on Gwen Stefani, but it would be gold if only for the pop culture references.


Holden Caulfield – The Catcher in the Rye
It’s been a while since I read The Catcher in the Rye, but I think it would be interesting to read the musings of the teenage rebel as an adult. He’d either be “God, I was an angsty twat back then, wasn’t I?” or he’d still be an angsty twat and you would would want to hate read him. So, yeah, it would be a journey I’d like to go on.


Adrian Mole – The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole
Another teenage mess who would be fascinating to read about as an adult on the daily. I know Sue Townsend carried on the book series into Adrian’s adult life, but I think the blog format would be excellent for Adrian. I want to read his restaurant reviews. I want to hear his travel tips for Bognor and his thoughts on EasyJet. More Adrian, less of everything else.

Polly Fawlty Towers

Polly – Fawlty Towers
Now, this is a woman with a nightmare job who needs a creative outlet. She’d write one of those anonymous blogs with all the best, gory, perverted stories and I would be hanging on her every sarcastic word. Everyone knows hotels and maniacs make for the best stories.

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  • Oh yes, I would so read a Claudia Kishi blog!!

    I wonder whether Sue Townsend would have actually ended up going the blog route for Adrian Mole if she hadn’t died?

  • adales8

    I’d read the shit out of Polly’s blog! x

    • It would be SOOOOOOOO good. And there’d be art!

  • I would fangirl the heck out of both Rory & Polly’s blogs!

  • This is totally great! I think Rachel from Friends would of made a great blog and she would of been able to read tons of comments on really how horrible Ross was!

  • Hahaha oh my goodness yes Polly needs a blog! But I would also be very intrigued to see Basil and Manuel’s blogs too… one of my favourite shows, love it! xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua | Food, Travel, Italy

    • There would be a lot happening in those blogs 😉

  • Love this! Would love a Claudia and Rory blog popping up in bloglovin haha.

  • I’d read Holden’s blog so I could feel slightly better about my life and the fact that I don’t know as many idiots as he does. And I’m toooootally with Bailie on the Rachel Green blog! I’d be on that page every. single. day.

    • Yes. I think I know a lot of idiots. Maybe I should reread the book. Probably not the same idiots 😉